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Professional Bliss Walk-In Tub Installation in Loveland, OH

If you’re in the market for a new walk-in tub, Bliss is the perfect choice. They’re stylish, energy-efficient, and easy to install. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. Call us today at (513) 644-5056 to set up a free in-home consultation! 

The installation process is a one-day process. You can expect to have your new home comfort product installed and operational by the end of the same day. We install Bliss Walk-In Tubs in a safe, clean and professional manner, so customers know that they are getting a quality job done right the first time around. 

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Benefits of Bliss Walk-In Tubs

A walk-in tub is designed to make bathing more convenient and comfortable for people with limited mobility. Whether you have arthritis or another condition that makes getting into and out of a bathtub difficult, or you simply find it hard to climb in and out of a traditional bathtub, walk-in tubs provide an alternative solution. 

  • Reduced risk of falls: Walk-in baths are safe for those who may lose their balance when exiting the shower. 
  • Reduced risk of injury: A traditional bathtub requires users to step up over the edge, which can be dangerous for those with impaired strength or coordination. Walk-ins eliminate this issue by allowing them to sit directly inside the tub with ease.
  • Alleviates Depression: If you’re looking to alleviate your depression, we would highly recommend getting a Bliss Walk-In Tub. They’ve been shown to help with the symptoms of depression, and it will make your life much more comfortable.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar: This is especially important for seniors, who are at risk of many health conditions. The tub helps to improve blood sugar levels and reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and nerve damage like blindness or amputation. 
  • Increases Oxygen Delivery: You may not be aware of the vital role oxygen plays in your body. Among other things, it is essential for the production of energy and for converting food into energy. As you burn fat and calories during exercise, more oxygen is delivered to your muscles. Oxygen also helps produce new blood cells and tissue as you heal from an injury or after surgery. 
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If you are in need of plumbing repair or maintenance services in Loveland, OH, then you can count on our team at Loveland Plumbing & Drain. We offer a wide range of service options, including: 

  • Leak Detection 
  • Sewer Repair 
  • Water Heater Repair & Installation 
  • Trenchless Relining (New Pipe Installation) 

We also offer 24/7 emergency services and free estimates for all of our customers. Our team is licensed, insured and available to assist you any time day or night!  If you need plumbing services in Loveland, OH, the experts at Loveland Plumbing & Drain are here to help. We offer affordable plumbing repair and maintenance services to both residential and commercial properties in the area. Our team can handle any size job, from leaky faucets to major flooding issues at your home or business. If you have any questions about our services or want more information on what we do, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Maintaining the pipes and plumbing in buildings is important. Not only will it save you money, time and even lives, but it’s also essential to keep your home or business running smoothly. There are many reasons why maintaining the pipes and plumbing in buildings should be one of your top priorities: 

  • The more you neglect your pipes, the higher the chances that they’ll break down. This can result in flooding and other major issues that could cause extensive damage to your property. In some cases, these problems may even lead to unwanted interruption of service (like lack of running water) until everything is repaired properly again. 
  • Neglecting regular maintenance can result in large sums spent on emergency repairs down the road. This could add up quickly if left unattended for too long! 

Bliss Walk-In Tub FAQ 


You can use your Bliss Walk-In Tub as a shower. It is a walk-in tub, but you can use it as a shower. The bathtub has an integrated handheld shower head and also comes with an overhead shower head. 


A walk-in tub is installed in the same way as a standard bathtub—it just requires some additional steps that ensure its safety and comfort. It is placed on top of the flooring surface and secured with screws or bolts through the bottom flange onto subflooring or concrete slabs (if these exist). The sides are sealed with caulking around each corner to prevent water from leaking underneath. 


The Watertight Door is a self-closing, self-drying, and self-cleaning door. It uses a combination of integrated technologies that combine to make the tub water-tight. The door uses a pneumatic system with an air bladder to close automatically after each use. The water-tight design ensures that no water can escape through the door during use or while not in use. 

The self-drying feature helps to keep your floor clean by using heat from underneath the tub to dry itself after each use. This prevents mold from growing on wet surfaces and keeps your bathroom smelling fresh! 

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