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While the vibrant scenery of fall captivates our attention, we must not overlook the maintenance of our gutters and downspouts this season. The picturesque foliage that also blankets the ground can quickly accumulate in your gutters, posing a potential plumbing disaster if left unattended. Neglecting clogged gutters can result in costly damage to your home’s foundation, roof, and siding – a predicament that can easily be avoided with simple upkeep. So, be sure to take proactive steps to protect your home and prevent unnecessary headaches this winter. 

At Loveland Plumbing & Drain, we are thrilled to offer our expertise and valuable advice to help protect your home by properly maintaining your gutters and downspouts. With our professional guidance, you can ensure the safety and functionality of your home’s drainage system. 


Knowing When They Need Attention:    

Pay attention to signs like overflowing leaves, twigs, and debris, indicating that your gutters and downspouts need cleaning. Additionally, after heavy rain, if you notice water pooling around the base of your home, take action promptly. Proper drainage is essential, so if water is accumulating in specific areas, it suggests your gutters might be clogged, causing water to spill out of them and pool randomly in undesirable places.  

Know When Is the Best Time:  

To ensure optimal maintenance, it is recommended to schedule gutter cleaning at least twice a year. If your property is surrounded by trees, consider cleaning them three times a year. The best seasons for this task are spring and early fall. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity to clean them yet, there is no need to worry. It’s better to clear them out late than not at all! Additionally, it is advisable to clean your gutters in mid-November before the winter weather fully sets in.  

Know Safety Procedures: 

First, ensuring safety is of utmost importance. If at any point you feel uneasy or unsafe during the gutter cleaning process, it is crucial to cease and refrain from continuing further. Seeking professional assistance is always an option when needed. Keep in mind, when opting for a DIY approach, it is essential to securely position your ladder and consider having a second person to assist in stabilizing the base. Additionally, it is important to note that for multiple-story homes, it is advisable to entrust the task to professionals equipped with the necessary gear and equipment to complete the job safely. 

Know How to Clean to Gutters:   

When it comes to cleaning with a ladder, step ladders may sometimes be considered less stable. That’s why choosing an extension ladder is a recommended option. Furthermore, if you decide to go with this method, having gloves and a small brush on hand will be useful for efficiently removing leaves and debris. 

On the other hand, when it comes to safety, the preferred method for gutter cleaning is to stay on the ground with both feet firmly planted. Home improvement stores provide convenient tools such as gutter cleaning wands and leaf blower attachments. By following this strategy, you can ensure a gradual, systematic, and safer cleaning process.   

Know How to Clean Downspouts:    

Properly addressing the downspouts is crucial, as they have a vital role in the drainage system too. Prior to starting, it is important to disconnect the downspout extension at its base. This will provide clear access to the vertical portion of the spout. Subsequently, you should meticulously remove any loose leaves and debris from the bottom of the vertical piece as well as the previously removed downspout extension. You may also utilize a garden house to flush out any debris further. However, for more persistent blockages, a plumbing snake is a reliable tool.   

As winter approaches, it is crucial to prioritize the cleaning of your gutters and downspouts. This task should not be underestimated, as blockages from snowmelt can severely impact the functionality of your gutters. Take proactive measures now to ensure the proper maintenance and functionality of your gutters during this next season. 

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